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Angelica is a sweet little girl of 6 years old, with the size and shape of a 1 year old. She is the fourth one of 5 siblings.
A soon as she started attending the feeding Center in La Villa has been attended by Dr. Gisela Hernandez at the Medical Clinic "Samuel", Dr. Gisela diagnosed Angelica with severe malnutrition.
Angelica and her siblings have been attending the children's feeding center, and they have received a apecial attention with nutricious meals, medicines, personal hygiene items and sometimes transportation has been provided for them, since they have a 30min walk to get to the feeding center. 


Mr. Eugenio is a 90 year-old man who has been living by himself for a long time, He spends a lot of time out on the streets begging for money for some basic necesities.  
He receives regular visits from mission teams and also from the senior center staff, who deliver lunch and drinking water twice a week, and also help him clean his house.
The senior center tries to take special care of Eugenio, since he has no family around to attend to his needs, and no resources to provide for himself.  He is a very dear person and God blesses our lives by giving us the opportunity to serve him. 


Mr. Reyes Padilla, 96 years old, was taken by his wife to Linaje Escogido's "Samuel" Medical Clinic in La Villa.  He was unconscious, pale and barely breathing, and with a very feeble heartbeat.  A very critical condition, humanly speaking.  Dr. Gisela Hern√°ndez immediately started praying hard while she treated him at the Clinic.
By the next day, God had already worked miraculously in Reyes' life.  His condition went from death to life, his lungs improved, and all his terrible symptoms disappeared. He left the Clinic under his own power, affirming that God had healed him.  Now Reyes and his family testify their deep gratitude to the Lord.  Glory to the Name of Christ!

Reyes Padilla and his wife

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