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The road of the missionary is full of twists and turns.


You may find yourself at a university teaching about "respect" on a basketball court.
You may find yourself at a military base telling the cadets about their earthly father and their heavenly Father, and the love they receive from both.
You may find yourself in a room with numerous women, trying to teach them the importance of breast feeding, tummy time and reading to your child.
You may find yourself in a room with young mothers who want to learn how to make a sock animal for their child.
Or in a room filled with grandmothers who want to have something that was made with love to give to their grandchild.


Maybe a group of missionaries is in the town plaza or on a dirt soccer field where a revival is going full force; we see the hunger in people's eyes of a life that would be better if God was only involved in their lives; then the night ends with 30 people giving their life to the Lord.

You may find yourself in a park for some fun - it's not every day a church family comes together for a Bar B Q and games.
Or maybe you may find yourself in a small village where everyone has come together to share some popcorn and a movie.

Maybe you’re a preacher and you find yourself in a small church hoping that your words will touch someone’s heart.
Maybe you're bringing a Vacation Bible School to a group of eager-eyed children.
Perhaps you have an artist in your midst who can paint fun things on a classroom wall.

Whatever road you find yourself on, there's always an opportunity to touch someone’s life, and in the process, your life becomes better.

You realize how blessed your life is, and you learn to appreciate more what you have.  You fall in love with the people, and you feel their love for you.  If you think there is no place for you on a mission trip, remember it only takes ONE ORDINARY PERSON to do EXTRAORDINARY THINGS!

If you have love for the Lord, and room in your heart, you should come to Honduras just once. Your life will never be the same.

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