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“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” Isaiah 55:8

As an eighteen years old senior in high school, I watched as the clocked ticked to zero in a huge championship game that my team lost by one point. The tragedy was I had missed a rather easy shot in the final seconds that led to this failure. Why had God allowed all those dedicated hours & years of practing basketball to end with one missed shot?
In a few years, I would find my self newly married, a beautiful home, and a great paying job that helped me live a safe life. I loved God with my heart and was willing to follow Him wherever He led (within reason).

In 2006 God led my wife and I again to the Middle East to share the gospel for two weeks. However, this trip would be more than we bargained for.
Caught in a war between two groups, my wife and I had found ourselves stranded in a foreign country with no way home. It's then that we told God with a sincere heart we would go "anywhere" He led us, no matter the cost. Little did we know that "anywhere" would be arriving back home to leave my great paying job and go to college. With an armful of expensive books and a new part time job on the weekends paying less than a quarter of what I made before, I headed off to the university with a prayer. My first exam brought me a 57% grade. Almost a failure.

I arrived home after that exam in tears to share with my wife the possible mistake I had made in leaving our safe life and now finding myself to be an almost failure. But soon, hours of studying school work & His word proved to strengthen my faith. Numerous times of almost failure turned to victory. First, the sorrow of being told I was number 51 on a nursing school list that only accepted 50 students-to only on the starting day of that nursing school, being informed a student had dropped out & I was to start nursing school immediately. Then I was told no one with my lack of experience both collegiate and professional could be a graduate student so soon—to graduating from that Nurse Practitioner school early with honors. Throughout questioning God how financially He would provide for our home that I was responsible for without a good paying job—to not paying one cent of my own money for any college tuition or books ever in my career. God has done what man cannot!


In 2017, while in Honduras I was doing a procedure on a patient for the pain she was experiencing. After the procedure she communicated to me the pain was no longer there. As she left the room God reminded me of a scared young couple that stepped out in faith years ago and said we will go "anywhere" and how through His faithfulness had led them from leaving their safe job to the medical mission field. 

Numerous times of almost failure turned to victory.


Now I help put on basketball camps in Honduras with a halftime message about meeting the greatest coach ever...named Jesus. God continues to use my failures as His victory. And the most exciting part is, His-story is just beginning in me and I pray in you too. Step out in faith with Jesus and let the LIE of your Fear go away, it will be His-story!

God continues to use my failures as His victory.

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