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Amazing Comfort Ministries is a group of volunteers, led by a board of directors, who believe they have been called to serve the poor and hungry in rural Honduras. Every person who participates in an Amazing Comfort Ministries mission trip does so voluntarily giving of their time and energy to serve the Lord.


When Amazing Comfort Ministries was started the mission was to “feed the hungry and share the joy of Jesus Christ.” Over the years and with God’s grace, we have expanded that mission to provide medical care, water filters for clean drinking water, deliver food and medical supplies, build feeding centers and medical facilities, while sharing the joy of Jesus Christ with hundreds of Honduran men, women and children. 

The mission of Amazing Comfort Ministries is to feed the hungry and share the joy of Jesus Christ.

November 2011 was the first time I came to Honduras as part of a missions team. We ended up going to San Nicholas, the home town of our interpreter. We went to the front porch of this house where there were children being fed. I immediately knew that this was where God wanted us to be serving.

We returned the next year. I felt God wanted me to start a ministry. At a certain point, God was successful in guiding me for His vision.So I started a 501c3 Non-profit ministry.

At that time is when Amazing Comfort Ministries was born. Since its inception 2012, the ministry has grown to be what it is today.


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