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"We are living examples of missionaries who wanted to make a difference in Honduras,
and we didn’t realize that God had a plan to make a difference in our lives.”

" ... We started with just purchasing some land and building a building for a feeding center, later on felt led to start a medical clinic, we were successful in hiring a full time doctor, later on felt led to start a clean water program because we had a lot of parasites in children and we have now installed about 130 of those system and have seen a huge difference in the children..."
- Brian Snodderly - President Amazing Comfort Ministries -

"...We work and partner with Amazing Comfort Ministries, carrying out many social outreach projects such as the medical clinic, children's feeding centers, senior centers, scholarships..."
- Peter Hearne - Senior Pastor for Linaje Escogido -

"...In the suburbs of Comayagua is a very poor area, ended up serving almost 500 people there in one day, great team, 7 doctors, the teenagers that came they jumped right in and have learned to do medical things they didn't think they knew anything about..."
- John Wier - Board Member -

"This is my 4th trip this year serving with Amazing Comfort Ministries ... I am interested in a ministry that works 365 days a year instead of being a hero for a week and leaving and no one is here at all...."
- Chris Wier - Nurse Practitioner -

"... I am here because I want to be a part of helping to make this world a better place and Amazing Comfort Ministries is definitely doing that for the people here in Honduras..."
- Testimonial - Chante Campbell (Nurse practitioner) -

".... these children and some of the adults were such innocent and were so appreciative of everything we were doing for them to make them feel like they were the most important people in the planet..."
- Testimonial - Louis (Medical translator and Pharmacist for Amazing Comfort Ministries) -

"...My biggest lesson is watching how God can work through you and how he can work greater in many people who have the same goal..."
- Testimonial - Carly (Nurse practitioner student) -

"...what brought me to this mission trip was just a love for Christ and a love for others......... the residents of Honduras are very loving and appreciative and that is something we don't see on the states every day..."
- Testimonial - Stacy (Nurse) -

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