Linaje Escogido
has a heart that aches

to reach the poor and the unchurched,
transforming lives and bring families to Christ.

Amazing Comfort Ministries has been partnering with Linaje Escogido Church since 2014, carrying out medical brigades, vacation Bible schools, youth sports camps, crafts projects,
personal encounters and much more.
The Lord has truly brought us together to glorify his Name!

                                    HOW IS STARTED?

Linaje Escogido is a dynamic close-knit Church founded in 2002 by Peter and Martha Hearne, in Villa San Antonio (“La Villa”), Honduras.
The Vision and Mission of Linaje Escogido Church is to transform lives and bring families together through Bible-based discipleship, intense worship and dedicated community service.

Many communities like "La Villa" in Honduras have children, young and adults that have been raised without a father, sometimes without both their parents, or have been raised without love and God's word, Linaje Escogido is a family-based church where main pastors are even called "Papi and Mami" providing God's word, parental love, advise...

                         ACM's partership with Linaje Escogido

Linaje Escogido and Amazing Comfort ministries follow God's instruction:
 ‘...It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ Acts 20:35 -

God has called us to move the church outside of a building, we have a heart that aches
to reach the poor and the unchurched, transforming lives and bring families to Christ.

The outreach program we have partnered with Linaje Escogido aims to help, uplift, and support those
who are deprived of certain services and rights. It involves giving learning,
social planning, health support, and other projects for their welfare.


Samuel Medical Clinic

As a result of a critical need for medical services for the poor families in La Villa, "Samuel" Medical Clinic was founded in August 2015, attending the seniors and children from Linaje Escogido’s feeding centers. An average of 480 people are currently attended monthly. 


"Abuelitos" Senior Center

The center provides food, ministers love to some 60 "Abuelitos", gives them the opportunity to grow in the knowledge of God's Word, and to feel useful through arts and crafts projects, and have fun playing and simply gathering together. 


"San Nicolas" Feeding Center

The center provides nutricious meals, bible schools, crafts are been provided to 40 children assisting the feeding center. Meals are Provided Twice a week.
Their mothers are actively helping preparing lunches, as well they are periodical programs for the mother's filled with God's word, crafts, or any teaching new skills that may be used to start a business.


Water Filter Program

Noticing chronic intestinal sicknesses in the children of San Nicolas, even after attention from medical brigades, the drinking water from the wells of that community was found to be polluted.
As a result, in 2016 Amazing Comfort Ministries initiated the water filter program.


Scholarship Program
There are many deserving people who would love to continue their education and fulfill professional and personal dreams.
Due to a lack of economic resources at the family level, many young people in La Villa cannot continue their studies in high school or the university. Linaje Escogido Church reflects God's love by supporting a total of 30 students with a scholarship that covers most of the expenses for their education.


Linaje Escogido Church Activities
Linaje Escogido Church sponsors many events at the La Villa and Comayagua.
These events bring youth from throughout La Villa together; Christians and non-Christians alike.

Some of the events are sports clinics, vacation bible school, crafts with woman, evangelistic events at the central park...



$ 10 per month

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$ 90 per month


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