We have been able to bless

137 families with our water filter program

The use of unsafe water as a source for drinking, cooking, and bathing can lead to serious health complications.

Water purification filters is a program to help  eliminate parasites and reduce gastro intestinal illness in families...

Noticing chronic intestinal sicknesses in the children of San Nicolas, even after attention from medical brigades, the drinking water from the wells of that community was found to be polluted.

As a result, in 2016 Amazing Comfort Ministries initiated the water filter program. These simple yet highly effective bio-sand filters essentially remove parasites and other water-borne pollutants. They are installed directly in the home by locally-hired specialists, thus also providing employment, and will provide clean potable water to a family for 10 years.
Amazing Comfort Ministries purchases the filters directly from another Christian ministry in Honduras, at a unit cost of $120.

Honduras' water and sanitation crisis

Honduras is the second poorest country in Central America, with a per capita GDP of approximately $1,600. Nearly two-thirds of the population live below the poverty line.
Many of the rural poor are subsistence farmers, barely growing only enough food to feed their families and leaving little money for anything else.
More than one million Hondurans lack access to improved sanitation, and almost 650,000 lack safe water. This is most prevalent in rural communities.
La Villa and San Nicolas are no exception.

How does the the BIO-SAND Water filter work?

The Hydraid BioSand household water filter is a lightweight, portable biosand filter intended for point-of-use water filtration and can provide clean water for a family of eight to ten people.
Uncean source water is poured into the top of the Hydraid filter. A diffuser plate helps to gently distribute the water over the surface of the sand media.
A biological layer at the top of the sand contains “friendly” bacteria that consume pathogenic organisms that are present in the water.
As the water makes its way through the sand column, further disinfection of the water takes place through the actions of mechanical trapping, predation, adsorption, and natural death.
Clean water collects at the bottom of the filter and flows by gravity out of the filter through plastic piping attached to the filter’s exterior.
A properly operating and maintained Hydraid Biosand Filter can provide up to 48 liters of clean water per hour.
With reasonable care a Hydraid Biosand Filter can last for 8 or more years. 

Water Filter installation program


$ 10 monthly
  • adds up to 1 water Filter in ONE YEAR

$ 17 monthly
  • adds up to 1 water filter in 7 MONTHS

$ 40 monthly
  • adds up to 4 water filters in ONE YEAR

$ 120 monthly
  • adds up 10 Water filters in ONE YEAR


$120 provides 1 Water filter for a Family

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